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About The List Productions

About Me

The List Productions has always been my passion. My goal was to always keep this fun while relying on my business management experience to make sure that it is something sustainable. My whole life has been about creating a positive experience for other people. 


Wedding videography is about making someone’s fairytale come to life and that isn’t always by putting a camera in someone’s face. Sometimes it is comforting a couple who have every single emotion running through their mind before making the biggest decision of their life. 


Making people feel comfortable and excited is what I do. I never wanted to be an influencer, I never wanted this to feel like a job, I always wanted to just be myself and pray that someone would like my creative way to tell a story. My goals - push the boundaries of creativity, make something different, create art that invokes emotion for the people who were at the wedding but also for the people who were genuinely interested in seeing what I created next.


"Push the boundaries of creativity,

Make something different,

Create art that invokes emotion"

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Get in Touch

Feel free to reach out to discuss your wedding videography needs. You can contact me via phone at 843-331-9583 or email me at I look forward to capturing your special memories!

Thank You for Reaching Out!

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